The real thing
With the five senses

Surrounded by forest
Rich Nature and
Children interacting with each other


Inose Gakuen has a forest and animals.
Children grow and adults develop. The richness of nature is its stage.
We want children who will eventually enter society to acquire a firm foundation for "thinking for themselves, making their own decisions, and acting on their own. We will nurture children's hearts and minds with this in mind.


Inose Gakuen operates two kindergartens.

Yashio Kindergarten

Since its establishment in 1977, we have nurtured children through a variety of experiences, valuing contact with nature, including the forests and animals in the park, with the goal of helping children become "independent as human beings.

sunny side
YASHIO Kindergarten

We provide English education based on the reality that English has become indispensable for children to acquire the ability to express themselves in both Japanese and English and to demonstrate their ability in the world in the future.

How does it work?


At Yashio Kindergarten
What you can do.

Did you know that kindergartens also offer extended daycare hours and childcare during long vacations? We also offer a wide range of other support services for preschoolers and graduates, including preschool classes, after-school care, and extracurricular activities such as piano, sports, and study lessons, from pre-primary to elementary school students. At Inose Gakuen, you can choose the method of use that best suits your family's situation and policies.

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Childcare Support

We provide a variety of childcare support services for children from one year old to early elementary school age.

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1 to 2 years old
2 years old to young children

small class

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3 years old to senior

Yashio Kindergarten

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2 to 3 years old

Piccoli Class

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Youngest to Oldest

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1st to 4th grade
care of schoolchildren 詳しくみる
  • It is also possible to enter Sunnyside from the little class.
  • Yashio Kindergarten offers "2-year," "3-year," and "4-year (for 3-year-olds )" childcare, allowing families to choose the timing of their child's enrollment according to their own circumstances. The length of the Chibi Classroom can also be changed accordingly.
  • The school childcare service is open to graduates of the school and older siblings of children currently enrolled in the school.

Other Childcare Support

After school and during long vacations are also safe.

extended-hours childcare (in day-care centers)

We also offer extended daycare (home class). This service is also available during long vacations such as summer and winter vacations.

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After school and during long vacations are also safe.

extracurricular activities

We also offer various extracurricular activities such as English classes, piano, soccer, ballet, cheerleading, etc.

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Parents page

Information for parents of children enrolled in the school and downloading of various materials can be found here.


Employment at Inose Gakuen

Inose Gakuen is a place where children and adults can be relaxed and natural together. We are recruiting teachers (foreign teachers). We are looking forward to your application and interview. We also welcome requests for school tours and practical training.