About Kindergarten

We hope that each family can use our preschool according to their own situation and policies.
We offer a variety of support, classes, and childcare periods.

Did you know that kindergartens can offer extended daycare hours and childcare during long vacations? Inose Gakuen offers a variety of support, classrooms, and childcare periods that can be used according to each family's situation and policies. Please feel free to contact us regarding the timing of your child's enrollment. We also offer a wide range of other support services from pre-primary to elementary school, including preschool classes, after-school care after graduation, English classes, and extracurricular activities such as piano and sports lessons.


Childcare Period

In addition to regular daycare hours, extended daycare is available in the early morning and evening.

Families may choose the timing (duration) of preschool enrollment depending on their family's circumstances. For those who wish to use the preschool classes at the same time, it is also possible to adjust the period of use of the classes to coincide with the time of preschool enrollment.

two-year school system

Middle school students enter kindergarten at . Before entering kindergarten, preschool classes are also available.

three-year school system

Young children enter kindergarten. Before entering kindergarten, preschoolers may take advantage of our preschool classes.

four-year childcare program

Children 3 years old and up are admitted to kindergarten. Before entering kindergarten, preschool classes are also available.


Childcare Hours

In addition to regular daycare hours, extended daycare is available in the early morning and evening.

*Check-in is not available from 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. the following day.

Regular childcare hours

Regular childcare hours.

Nursery hours


This is a time slot available for childcare before or after regular childcare hours. Free of charge and at your disposal.

Extended Day Care Hours


These are the times when extended daycare is available for a fee.

Extended Day Care


Various childcare support

We also have preschool classes available for children as young as one year old, as well as childcare services for children up to early elementary school age.

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1 to 2 years old
2 years old to young children

small class

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3 years old to senior

Yashio Kindergarten

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2 to 3 years old

Piccoli Class

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Youngest to Oldest

sunny side

1st to 4th grade
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  • It is also possible to enter Sunnyside from the little class.
  • Yashio Kindergarten offers "2-year," "3-year," and "4-year (for 3-year-olds )" childcare, allowing families to choose the timing of their child's enrollment according to their own circumstances. The length of the Chibi Classroom can also be changed accordingly.
  • The school childcare service is open to graduates of the school and older siblings of children currently enrolled in the school.