Interviews with teachers

Inose Gakuen has many attractive teachers who are full of energy and love.
We asked teachers from each school to answer questions about their work at the school, the time they were hired, and other questions of interest to them.

Chitose teacher

nursery school teacher/service4-th year (11th year, 2nd year, 3rd year, etc.)

Red class (seniority)

Working with a foreign teacher, she is experiencing daily growth in both English and communication skills!

Ever since she was in junior high school, Chitose-sensei has wanted to be a kindergarten or nursery school teacher. While studying at a junior college, she came to feel that she would rather work at a kindergarten than a preschool. When she was wondering where to practice, her mother, a graduate of Inose Gakuen, told her, "Why don't you try here?" I found this preschool when my mother, a graduate of Inose Gakuen, told me, "Why don't you try here?

First Impressions

Both first and second year junior college students came to this preschool to experience working in a preschool with a large number of children. When I first came to the preschool, I remember that at other preschools I was confused and wondered what I should do next, but at this preschool I felt very comfortable because of the kind encouragement I received.
The teachers were very enthusiastic during the self-study and I felt that they were both loving and strict.
I was also amazed at how the children I had seen practising for events during my practical training had grown in the real world.

Working in Sunnyside.

Like Yashio Kindergarten, Sunnyside, which specialises in English, also provides a strong discipline education.
The teachers are assigned to two homeroom teachers with a foreign teacher, with the Japanese teacher doing Japanese only and the foreign teacher doing English only.
The foreign teacher is very interesting and the events are very exciting! I started the school with no English language skills, but the Japanese teacher who can speak English is there to help me and the foreign teacher speaks slowly using words that are easy to understand, so I feel comfortable communicating with them and I feel that I am growing in both English and communication skills every day. I feel that I am growing day by day in both my English and communication skills.
I feel that my English and communication skills are developing day by day.

If I were to give myself advice when I was job hunting, I would say.

When you have your own class for the first time and you are called ‘Sensei! I was very happy when I was called ‘Sensei!’!
In the first three years, I was in charge of the first homerooms, and I took over the responsibility of watching over the younger children until they became older. I was sad to see them graduate, but I was very happy to hear the children say, ‘That was fun’ and ‘I still want to stay’.
I think it is important to first actually visit the preschools you are interested in and choose the one that suits you best.