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Director's Statement
Inose Gakuen School Corporation
YASHIO Kindergarten / Sunnyside International, YASHIO Kindergarten

Director Yuichi Furumoto

In the midst of nature, as a person
Foundation We nurture the power to live.

Thank you for visiting the website of our school. The social environment surrounding us is rapidly changing due to globalization and the spread of AI in recent years. In line with these changes, the abilities and qualities required of children in the future are also changing.
However, first of all, we will firmly nurture greetings, feelings of gratitude, Japanese manners, and other things that are as important now as they always have been and always will be.
And in our preschool, there is a natural forest where children catch insects, feed leaves to donkeys, pick up nuts, and collect fallen leaves, showing different expressions depending on the season. In the early childhood period, which is the most important period for character development, we stimulate the five senses of "sight," "hearing," "smell," "taste," and "touch" in a natural environment to nurture the ability to live, which is the foundation of a human being.


Inose Gakuen's Educational Policy

Educational Goals

To contribute to the local community by nurturing healthy, bright, independent children who are both mentally and physically healthy, mainly through outdoor childcare using the great outdoors.

Important matter

1. Able to greet people
2. Arrange the clothing.
3. Rectify the situation

Educational Policy

We will routinely "build up our physical strength."
Ensure "establishment of basic lifestyle habits."
We practice "childcare that respects individuality.

Inose Gakuen is engaged in a variety of "distinctive education" programs.


Outdoor education

Natural forests, streams, fields

Inose Gakuen is full of nature. Spring, summer, fall, and winter bring us many different faces. Children play with dirt and tag in the Nature Forest. We also have a nature experience education program throughout the four seasons, such as putting nuts in your pocket and giving them to your mother, decorating Halloween with fallen leaves, and playing with futons.


Playing tag in the fresh green.
A pleasant breeze brings the children
Wrapping up.


No matter how hot it is, once you enter the natural forest, it is a natural cooler. And, you can feel the nature with your whole body while playing in the river. Barefoot feels so good!


Collect nuts and play house.
Can you make a nice cake?


Playing with a futon by gathering fallen leaves. It's so soft and comfortable!

In addition, the children experience firsthand the fun of nature in out-of-school care. In preparation for the fall harvest of taro, the older students plant taro seedlings in the spring, and the younger and older students go apple picking. They experience the growth of plants and the importance of life.

Independent Education


Cleaning of shoes and duty activities

Each child is responsible for his or her own role, whether it be greeting others, serving lunch, helping in the preschool classroom, or participating in the field day. After completing their tasks, the children are full of confidence and shine with a "sparkle".

Corporate Name Inose Gakuen School Corporation
head of a plantation Yuichi Furumoto
December 1977 Completion of new preschool building (1st phase)
Approved by Tochigi Prefecture as an incorporated kindergarten
February 2005 Sunnyside International Pavilion completed.